We’ve launched the site!

You’re probably here because you want to save your relationship or marriage. Good! You’ve already made the first step! Please browse the stories here. If you want, you can email us your personal story and we will try to answer. Our time is limited, so we can only do a select number of stories. If we select your story, it will be featured on the site, anonymously.

My name is Erik ter Elst. I’ve set up this site to help people get through difficult times in their relationships.

I’m very excited to finally open this blog. I’ve been walking around with the idea for over a decade and it was finally time. The problem was, that given the time investment, I never knew how to justify the time spent if I couldn’t make at least a little money to cover the expenses.

Now I’ve found out about affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what that is: it’s promoting products of others for commission. There are links on this site leading to products, resources, that I use anyway. Might as well suggest them to others and earn a bit of commission while I’m at it. They are good products! Cookies track your clicks on these links.

I’m from the Netherlands, in Europe. We Dutch people are mostly bilingual (Dutch and English), so I chose for my blog to be in English, in order to reach a bigger audience. I’ve studied Psychology at the University of Maastricht and got my title ‘doctorandus’ there, which is equivalent to Master of Science.

I’ve also owned my own company as an assessment psychologist, which mostly involved doing psychological assessments using tests, interpreting them and see if the people tested were suited for specific jobs.

In my opinion psychological tests are very usable when dealing with relationship or marriage problems. They can open up the conversation about who we are, why we do what we do and what we really can’t stand. They create understanding and further curiosity. Many people would argue that they don’t want to be categorised, but this is not the purpose of these tools. The purpose is to get to know and understand individuals. This helps. A lot.

In this blog I will not only use a scientific background and where possible psychological profiles, but also a gut feeling of reading between the lines, based on experience.

Please read the stories and articles and let me know what you think!